The Space of Memory and Imagination

Ślusarska 9
Sat.-Sun. 11:00–15:00
The Space of Memory and Imagination

7–8 June 2014, 11 am–3 pm, The Space of Memory and Imagination. Synesthetic Sensory Practices Workshop – Body, Image, Sound


Venue: Foundation for Visual Arts, ul. Ślusarska 9
Number of places: 12
Registration: by 5 June,
Age: 18+


The idea of the synestethic workshop grew out of the belief that an action, especially a creative one, is the result of accumulation of the impressions and feelings that each of us collects in our day-to-day dealings with the world. Furthermore, our thesis is that everyone can be and is an anonymous artist.


During the two-day workshop, practical methods of working on feeling and observation of movement will be suggested to participants. Together, we shall look for ways to define our own intentions, wishes and expectations towards creative work. We shall think about the set of behaviours that we use and habits that we employ when we practise talking about reality using various media. As Juhani Pallasmaa wrote in his essay “The Eyes of the Skin”, “The eye collaborates with the body and the other senses. […] The senses not only mediate information for the judgement of the intellect; they are also a means of igniting the imagination […]”.


We shall be focusing in particular on the senses of sight and hearing. In the practical section, participants will be invited to face up to their image of their own “I”, using portable recorders and cameras. Operating on the basis of intuition and the invaluable approach to one’s own thoughts, impressions and ideas during artistic (or other) practice will be a significant part of this. We intend to talk, work, discuss, question, define, explain, complicate, erase, and contemplate the territories of the poetics of sound and of space of our memory and imagination. As Graham Sutherland wrote, “In a sense the landscape painter must almost look at the landscape as if it is himself – himself as a human being.”


Programme and introduction: Joanna Gorlach, Martyna Poznańska, Anna Nowak

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