Memory Room

pl. Szczepański 3a
Sun.- 13.00-15.00
Memory Room

8 June 2014, 1 pm–3 pm, Memory Room – Artistic Event     


Venue: Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Photographic Studio
Registration: by 27 May,
Age: 16+


Memory Roomis an artistic event addressed to those of a contemplative disposition. Do you like to savour in the sensual experiences coming from the surrounding world? Then this is for you!

A darkened photographic studio will turn into a unique laboratory where various stimuli will affect the participants’ senses, aiming to trigger memories. Let yourself be surprised, and the portraits taken during the event will reveal all your many feelings and emotions. They will be presented in the form of a multimedia projection during the Echoes exhibition at Bunkier Sztuki, and you’ll also be able to download them from the festival’s Facebook page.


Programme: Beata Długosz
Leaders: Agnieszka Cieślińska, Sara Piotrowska, Joanna Kowalska, Joanna Kencka, Patrycja Długosz, Marcelina Pucek, Natalia Nazimek, Żaneta Rzepa

Faculty of Art, Pedagogical University of Cracow

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