Medikon School of Printing

pl. Szczepański 3a
Tue.- 14:30-19:30
Medikon School of Printing

27 May 2014, 2.30 pm–7.30 pm, Medikon School of Printing. Colour Management in Photography and Photo Inkjet Printing


Venue: Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Photographic Studio, Audiovisual Room
Registration by 25.05.


Preparing a digital darkroom – printer, monitor, paper and software – for work allowing editing and printing of digital photos in accordance with the principles of colour management.

Participants will learn how, with an advanced photo inkjet printer, photo paper, graphic monitor and calibration equipment available, to put into practice preparation of a digital photography workstation to let them work in accordance with the principles of colour management, and the correct way of preparing for print and printing a photo using an ICC profile.


The following subjects will be covered during the meeting:

- Colour management in the photographer’s work environment – operating rules

- Differences between devices in the process of creating a digital image

- Colour control and white balance in a digital SLR camera

- File format – RAW or JPG – differences in colour reproduction

- Basic models and colour spaces in photography – RGB or CMYK?

- ICC profiles – what are they and why are they so important?

- Colour management in Adobe Photoshop

- Inkjet photo printers – presentation of solutions and possibilities

- Preparing and printing photographs using ICC profiles

- The effect of the surroundings on colour reproduction on a monitor and prints

- Inkjet printing papers – a review of the wide range of base papers for inkjet printers Sihl Masterclass, Hahnemühle Photo, Ilford, Fomei and Harman by Hahnemühle – from basic coated gloss papers to exclusive matt, artistic (Fine Art, Canvas) and archive (Baryta, Fibre Base, 100% Cotton) bases.


Leader: Szymon Aksienionek from Medikon Poland

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