I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman. Irena Kalicka

św. Marka 6, Krakow
Thu.-Sun. 11:00–18:00
 I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman . Irena Kalicka
Irena Kalicka, Untitled 3, from the series I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman, 2014. Polaroid © Irena Kalicka.
Eschewing technical photography and instead using the simplest traditional automatic camera, Irenka Kalicka reduces the moment of artistic decision to pressing the shutter release, and then to selecting the materials she has produced. Her photos, always very courageous, are a little brut, a little repellent, but also a little poetic and delicate. Kalicka spends a long time on each series of photos, weaving into the results of the creative process her own personal life and friends, making adjustments to the series under the influence of things she has read and visual inspirations.

Her starting point for the exhibition prepared for the ShowOFF Section 2014 was visual memories from her childhood and the emotions they generated: the reactions stirred even by the opening titles of Disney films or the grotesqueness perceived in the statement of an American politician. Starting from these associations, and for the first time using instant photography on such a scale, Kalicka modifies and softens her characteristic aesthetic. She speaks of nearness, intimacy, being alone, being in a pair and being in a group. Exploring her memories from childhood, she enters emancipated adulthood.

Irena Kalicka (born 1986, Kraków)
Graduate of Łódź Film School, where in 2010 she received her bachelor’s degree in the studio of Prof. Grzegorz Przybork, and in 2013 her master’s degree in the studio of Prof. Józef Robakowski. A member of the Strupek art group, she lives and works in Krakow.


Irena KALICKA – I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman
Curator: Ewa Tatar
Vernissage: 17.05, 5:30 PM
Exhibition open: 17.05-15.06
SKI, ul. św. Marka 6

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