Hiccups. Przemysław Branas

MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
Lipowa 4, Krakow
Tue.-Sun. 11:00–19:00
 Hiccups . Przemysław Branas
Przemysław Branas, Mask 02, from the series Domestic ritual masks, 2014.
Hiccups are a persistent pathological syndrome occurring as a rhythmic jolt. They are usually caused by sudden overfilling. This is also a neurotic syndrome, an involuntary bodily reflex appearing unexpectedly and leaving similarly unexpectedly. The word itself is often used in Polish as a metaphor for constant returns of something or to something, short-lived repetitive durations and their sudden dissolutions.

The subject of the installation, which encompasses photographs, video and objects, returns to the rituals created by the author serving to map intimate and public spaces. It is these that determine his being an artist who plays with his own memory and the memory of the place, working on the basis of the event and process.

The first impulse for the artist was a picture from his childhood. Captured next to the fountain designed by Wiktor Zin on Krakow’s Main Market Square, he returns to the place from the photo and to the place in time from which it came. The pose that inspires him is that of a bather in the fountain, the Krakow performer, writer and avant-gardist Krzysztof Niemczyk. Drawing from this figure, Branas reworks the categories of sentimentalism, historicism and the Cracovian character, using exotisation as his methodology.

Przemysław Branas (born 1987, Jarosław)
Interdisciplinary doctoral student at the Artistic University in Poznań. Works with intermedia and the motif of installaction – the combination of performance art with artistic installation. Recipient of a Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship in 2013.


Przemysław BRANAS – Hiccups
Curator: Ewa Tatar
Vernissage: 15.05, 6 PM
Exhibition open: 15.05-15.06
Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK, Re Gallery, ul. Lipowa 4

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