El pilón. Dominika Gęsicka

Opcja Gallery
Piłsudskiego 38, Krakow
Mon.-Sun. 11:00–18:00
 El pilón . Dominika Gęsicka
Dominika Gęsicka, No title 1, from the series El pilón, 2012
José and Antonio mend meat-chopping boards (in Spanish pilón) in a small workshop in Barcelona. After hours the workshop, kitted out with a bed, video camera and mirror, is transformed into the site of trysts with local prostitutes.

Dominika Gęsicka’s photographs document the two friends’ obsession with sex and reveal moments from their intimate encounters. Looking at the colour prints, we get the impression of a well-staged show whose actors feel extremely at ease. The viewer is also confronted with the past: photos taken out of drawers – a kind of secret archive of visits and home porno movies. Gęsicka’s images of a simple interior cluttered with souvenirs and fetishes tell the rest of the story, which takes place behind the closed doors of the workshop.

Dominika Gęsicka (born 1981, Włocławek)
Student of the Institute of Creative Photography (ITF) in Opava and graduate of Warsaw School of Economics. Winner of the seventh edition of Photopresentations, run by the Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”. Has taken part in workshops with artists including Mark Power, David Alan Harvey and Peter van Agtmael.


Dominika GĘSICKA – El pilón
Curator: Agata Ubysz
Vernissage: 17.05, 4 PM
Exhibition open: 17.05-05.06
Opcja, ul. Piłsudskiego 38

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